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Jana Hulvejova

Sales and Marketing Manager
Prague, Czech republic
Founded in 2009 by former festival organizers, Eventival is the world leader in film festival data management with 370,000 end users and 130 festival clients in over 40 countries that use the platform to store data, process submissions, plan logistics, manage hospitality, produce industry events, boost marketing and improve internal and external communication. The platform is web-based, multilingual, and integrated with Cinando, film submission platforms, ticketing systems, mobile apps, 1-to-1 meeting platforms, payment gateways and mass mailing systems.
Monday, January 21

9:00am MST

9:15am MST

10:30am MST

1:15pm MST

2:45pm MST

5:30pm MST

7:00pm MST

8:30pm MST

Tuesday, January 22

9:00am MST

12:00pm MST

12:45pm MST

6:00pm MST

7:00pm MST

8:00pm MST

Wednesday, January 23

9:00am MST

11:30am MST

2:00pm MST

3:15pm MST

4:15pm MST

6:30pm MST

7:30pm MST

Thursday, January 24

9:00am MST

10:00am MST